We are a potters’ guild based in East Berkshire. Before the Pandemic we met monthly and invited a well known potter to come and demonstrate and talk about their work.  This has since been happening very successfully virtually via Zoom during Lockdown.  We have the following speakers and events booked for the next few months:

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Mollie Brotherton Terrain Vallonné Ceramics and Collages September 8 2021

Mollie Brotherton This was a very enjoyable online talk. Available for members to watch the recorded version for a limited time only. Mollie Brotherton is the creator of Terrain Vallonné. Terrain Vallonné is French and roughly translated means the undulating land. What I love about this region where I live is the changes in season,… Continue reading Mollie Brotherton Terrain Vallonné Ceramics and Collages September 8 2021

Elaine Wells May 12 2021

Members only online talk Elaine says: ‘An out of character decision to apply for series 2 of The Great Pottery Throwdown resulted in a place on the show and subsequently an internship with Kate Malone. This in turn helped with and inspired my application to the newly formed Clay College in Stoke on Trent. which… Continue reading Elaine Wells May 12 2021

Richard Wilson April 2021

Members only online talk. Richard Wilson Richard Wilson was born and brought up in Norwich, and has been making pots since the early 1970s. After studying for two years at Great Yarmouth College of Art, he worked from 1974 to 1980 at Le Dieu Pottery in Norwich before spending 3 years in Australia and New… Continue reading Richard Wilson April 2021

Rachel Wood February 2021

Wednesday 10 Feb 2021, 8:00pm virtual (members only) Rachel Wood (10 Feb 2021)       The marks of making and assembling reflect the journey of exploration and learning in each piece, just as a wrinkle or dimple depicts expression and character in a human face. The colour, texture and energy of her forms are… Continue reading Rachel Wood February 2021

Linda Bloomfield 13 Nov 2019

Wednesday 13 Nov 2019, 7:45pm at Polehampton Junior School Linda Bloomfield (13 Nov 2019)     Linda Bloomfield designs and makes tableware based on her thrown porcelain, with dimples and visible throwing lines showing the hand of the maker. She uses a tactile satin matt glaze on the outside and colour on the inside. She… Continue reading Linda Bloomfield 13 Nov 2019

Sarah Jenkins 9 October 2019

Wednesday 9 October2019, 7:45pm at Polehampton Junior School Sarah Jenkins (9 October 2019)   WFP Speaker Notes – Sarah Jenkins Oct 2019 (By Caroline Gatfield) Sarah’s vessels are informed by the landscape she sees around her home in North Essex and are therefore ever changing and evolving as she tackles more complex ways of layering… Continue reading Sarah Jenkins 9 October 2019

David Wright 11 Sept 2019

Wednesday 11 Sept 2019, 7:45pm at Polehampton Junior School David Wright (11 Sept 2019)     David Wright has been working with clay for over forty years All his work is handbuilt, mainly with coils or ropes of clay, using a coarse textural body either Grogged Pink or a lighter clay Pot Clays David Wright 153-2152… Continue reading David Wright 11 Sept 2019

Kirsteen Holouj 12 June 2019

Wednesday 12 June 2019, 7:45pm at Polehampton Junior School Kirsteen Holuj (12 June 2019) Kirsteen Holuj 12 6 2019 Kirtseen describes herself as a maker of ceramic, but this title does not really cover everything that she does. She uses electric , soda and raku kilns from  Westbury Arts Centre south of Milton Keynes. www.kirsteenholuj.co.uk/ … Continue reading Kirsteen Holouj 12 June 2019

Richard Ballantyne & Carol Read (13 Feb 2019)

Wednesday 13 February 2019, 7:45pm at Polehampton Junior School Richard Ballantyne and Carol Read have been working together and collaborating for around 8-9 years. Richard from a background of a degree in Interior Design and many years of teaching followed by completing a BA in Glass and Ceramics. Carol worked as a nurse while completing… Continue reading Richard Ballantyne & Carol Read (13 Feb 2019)

Sue Mundy (Feb 2017)

Sue draws inspiration from visits to Cornwall, the moon and “everything in between”. Artists who have particularly influenced her are Naum Garbo, Martin Creed and Agnes Martin. Inspiration for her shapes comes from lots of found objects from the fields surrounding her studios; skeletons, bone fragments, stones, and from the seaside, shells. Even though she… Continue reading Sue Mundy (Feb 2017)

Previous Speakers (2000-2016)

2000-2001 Gareth Mason. West Marshall. Marcia Mattos. Potters’day 28 April Daphne Carnegy. Marc Daly. October Potters’ Day Gabrielle Koch. February 2002. Susan Nemeth. Anne Kari Ramberg Marshall. Potters’day Paul Jackson. Fran Tristram. Emily Myers. Jack Doherty. Chris Keenan. Ruthanne Tudball. Ruthanne was one of the founder members of West Forest Potters. The Guild was founded… Continue reading Previous Speakers (2000-2016)