Richard Wilson April 2021

Members only online talk. Richard Wilson Richard Wilson was born and brought up in Norwich, and has been making pots since the early 1970s. After studying for two years at Great Yarmouth College of Art, he worked from 1974 to 1980 at Le Dieu Pottery in Norwich before spending 3 years in Australia and New… Continue reading Richard Wilson April 2021

Elaine Wells May 12 2021

Members only online talk Elaine says: ‘An out of character decision to apply for series 2 of The Great Pottery Throwdown resulted in a place on the show and subsequently an internship with Kate Malone. This in turn helped with and inspired my application to the newly formed Clay College in Stoke on Trent. which… Continue reading Elaine Wells May 12 2021

Mollie Brotherton Terrain Vallonné Ceramics and Collages September 8 2021

Mollie Brotherton Hi, my name is Mollie Brotherton and I am the creator of Terrain VallonnĂ©. Terrain VallonnĂ© is French and roughly translated means the undulating land. What I love about this region where I live is the changes in season, the shifting variations in the colour of the land, the rolling hills and ancient… Continue reading Mollie Brotherton Terrain VallonnĂ© Ceramics and Collages September 8 2021