David Wright 11 Sept 2019

Wednesday 12 June 2019, 7:45pm at Polehampton Junior School

David Wright (11 Sept 2019)



  • Ceramics by David Wright at Studiopottery.co.uk - 2011. Large wood fired bottle with ash glaze
    2011. Large wood fired bottle with ash glaze

David Wright makes hand-built vessels from coils of clay. A coarse clay is used; the resulting texture an important feature of all the work. As the coils of clay are pinched and blended together they are beaten and scraped to refine the shape and form. The work is slow allowing the clay to stiffen at various stages, the form develops, often changing as the clay may suggest. As the processes dictate each piece is highly individual and unique.

A simple ash glaze is used, often using ash left from the kiln, the natural ash deposit adds extra interest. Each firing has its own story and differs from the previous ones depending on wood supply, weather conditions and placement of vessels within the kiln.

 Web-site: www.davidwrightpottery.co.u