Richard Ballantyne & Carol Read (13 Feb 2019)

Wednesday 13 February 2019, 7:45pm at Polehampton Junior School

Richard Ballantyne and Carol Read have been working together and collaborating for around 8-9 years. Richard from a background of a degree in Interior Design and many years of teaching followed by completing a BA in Glass and Ceramics. Carol worked as a nurse while completing an Access to Art and Design Course and then Adult education classes in sculpture and ceramics. She gave up the nursing in April 2016 to focus on ceramics.
“We both enjoy the process of throwing. Working together enables us to push ourselves and each  other creatively. The Raku animals all start as a thrown piece before being manipulated and added to in order to create the animal. Each is unique, both in the making and in the process of Raku firing. Raku Firing is a pyromaniacs delight and very unpredictable. However the results really suit the subject matter, and the hares and polar bears ( and all the rest of the menagerie) come alive with the white crackle glaze.”