Jacob Bodilly (11 October 2017)

Jacob studied for a ceramics degree at Cardiff University and has worked for the Leach Pottery and the Boscean Pottery. He now has his own business based in Devon. Jacob is familiar with the pottery techniques of European slipware, salt glaze and reduction stoneware. He personally produces functional pottery for the kitchen table, ovenware and… Continue reading Jacob Bodilly (11 October 2017)

Mary Kembery (14 June 2017)

Somerset Countryware is a range of stoneware pottery made and decorated by Mary Kembery in her studio at Drayton, where she has lived since 1985. Apart from the Somerset landscape, she also draws inspiration from fish, fruit and flowers. Coloured slips and underglaze colours with a combination of decorating techniques, including waxing, stencilling and scraffitto, may… Continue reading Mary Kembery (14 June 2017)

Sue Mundy (Feb 2017)

Sue draws inspiration from visits to Cornwall, the moon and “everything in between”. Artists who have particularly influenced her are Naum Garbo, Martin Creed and Agnes Martin. Inspiration for her shapes comes from lots of found objects from the fields surrounding her studios; skeletons, bone fragments, stones, and from the seaside, shells. Even though she… Continue reading Sue Mundy (Feb 2017)

Previous Speakers (2000-2016)

2000-2001 Gareth Mason. West Marshall. Marcia Mattos. Potters’day 28 April Daphne Carnegy. Marc Daly. October Potters’ Day Gabrielle Koch. February 2002. Susan Nemeth. Anne Kari Ramberg Marshall. Potters’day Paul Jackson. Fran Tristram. Emily Myers. Jack Doherty. Chris Keenan. Ruthanne Tudball. Ruthanne was one of the founder members of West Forest Potters. The Guild was founded… Continue reading Previous Speakers (2000-2016)