Andrew Hazelden in person meeting 9th November 2022

Andrew Hazelden 9th November 2022

Andrew will be joining us in person at: 

Polehampton C of E Junior School

Kibblewhite Crescent

RG10 9AX

The meeting starts at 7:45.  

Andrew studied ceramics at the Epsom School of Art and Design, and has worked with renowned ceramicists Mary Wondrausch and Alan Caiger-Smith. He learned the technique of tin glaze earthenware and reduction fired lustre at the Aldermaston Pottery in Berkshire which he joined in 1984.


Using a blend of Italian Duruta and a Spencroft clay, Andrew hand-paints the oxides onto the tin glaze in the maiolica tradition.

Tin oxide has been used as a whitener in glazes since ninth century Persia and lustreware also has its roots in this period. These two techniques travelled through Spain and the rest of Europe becoming popular in England around the eighteenth century. 

Andrew is also producing reduction fired lustreware. Using silver and copper paste this technique needs a reduction of oxygen during the firing to create the iridescent surface . 

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Website: andrew hazelden





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