David Wright 11 Sept 2019

Wednesday 11 Sept 2019, 7:45pm at Polehampton Junior School

David Wright (11 Sept 2019)


David Wright has been working with clay for over forty years All his work is handbuilt, mainly with coils or ropes of clay, using a coarse textural body either Grogged Pink or a lighter clay Pot Clays David Wright 153-2152 He fire in a small cross draught kiln (Phoenix design using denailed pallet wood) to around 1300°c for twelve or thirteen hours. Most of the glazes come from the ashes of different hardwoods. He uses a shino glaze to give warm reds and oranges as well as Nuka and Celadon . Production is about 300 to 400 pots per year. Presentation at events is excellent and tasteful, an echo of a previous career in commercial exhibition preparation and build.
His demonstration was a master class in  the detail of hand building with Coils. Attention to detail starts with well prepared clay and attention to clay memory by multi directional rolling of slabs and change direction of tapping when making boxes. He used an old ceramic tile as a base to build. Coils are slightly flattened and offered to slipped surfaces. Gently blending coils and filling corners to strengthen construction showed attention to detail.  His trade mark deeply spiralled pots  stats with an indexed wood disc  ( 5 to 8 ) segments depending on pot size. Once started his blending of coils and lifting the clay promoted the use of flexible tools to push and lift clay rather than metal which tends to cut.

 Web-site: www.davidwrightpottery.co.u

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