Micki Schloessingk 11th May 2022 – Zoom meeting

Micki Schloessingk


Micki will be demonstrating and discussing her work via Zoom from her workshop in North Yorkshire.


In 1975 I moved to Bentham, North Yorkshire, and set up my pottery making wood fired salt glaze tableware under the name of Micky Doherty. After the birth of my two sons, Ciuin and Jo, I continued to work and reverted to my maiden name of Micki Schloessingk. Since 1987 I have been making pots on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. I have continued to be committed to making and exhibiting my wood fired salt glazed tableware.

Over the years, many young potters have come here, learning about wood firing and salt glazing, sharing the studio and kiln. For three years, Fleen Doran worked with me, initially supported by Adopt a Potter. Currently Chris Jenkins is assisting and learning with me. I continue to explore and experiment and remain as committed as ever to my life as a potter.

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