Previous Speakers (2000-2016)

2000-2001 Gareth Mason. West Marshall. Marcia Mattos. Potters’day 28 April Daphne Carnegy. Marc Daly. October Potters’ Day Gabrielle Koch.

February 2002. Susan Nemeth. Anne Kari Ramberg Marshall. Potters’day Paul Jackson. Fran Tristram. Emily Myers. Jack Doherty. Chris Keenan. Ruthanne Tudball. Ruthanne was one of the founder members of West Forest Potters. The Guild was founded in 1982.

2003. Joy Bosworth. John Mathieson. Emma Johnstone. April Potters’day : Mike Dodd. Kevin de Choisy. Sean Miller.

2004. Paul Priest. Potters’day Jon and Jude Jelfs March 13th. Louise Darby.Steve Harrison. Potters’day Gordon Cooke Oct 23rd. Paul Rowbottom.
2005. Andrew Hazelden. Jeremy Nichols. Geoffrey Swindell : Potters’day. Steve Harrison. Jo Connell. Jola Spytkowska. Steve Woodhead.

2006. Amy Cooper. Pam Dodds.Joanne Howells. Liz Bryant. Anita Peach. Annette Burgansky. June Kingsbury. 
2007. Potters’day Carol Mc Nicoll. Jo Firth . Kevin Millward. Potters’day: John Chipperfield. Julian Belmonte. Joanna Veevers. Potters’day: Stephen Dixon.
2008. Potters’day : John Calver. Irina Sibrijns. Tina Vlassopulos. Rebecca Skeels.Sasha Wardell. Katie Adams. Dan Stafford.
2016. Ali Herbert. Daphne Carnegy. Kevin Akhurst. Anna Lambert ( Potters’day). Sue Mundy and Emily Myers.
Kate Malone.Sven Bayer. Karen Bunting.

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