Ursula Waechter (13 June 2018)

Wednesday 13 June 2018, 7:45pm at Polehampton Junior School

Ursula came to the UK in 1979 from Germany to study Three Dimensional Design: Ceramics at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham and graduated in 1982 (BA Hons). In 1986 she joined the team of potters led by Alan Caiger-Smith at Aldermaston Pottery, where, apart from a few years in Germany, she stayed until 2007 when she moved in to her own workshop.

Ursula says of her work “My work is mostly thrown on the wheel with some shapes made by press moulding. I use a red earthenware body which I cover with a white tin glaze. The designs are brush painted using combinations of coloured oxides, in the tradition of Aldermaston Pottery. I glaze fire to between 1060 and 1080 centigrade.”

For more information visit Ursula’s website www.ursulawaechter.com