Gill Waller (12 September 2018)

Gill says of her work “I find inspiration for my work from natural forms and the ceramics of the east. I have always loved the purity of form and subtle glazes of ancient Chinese ceramics specialising in porcelain and stoneware clays. I enjoy all types of ceramic construction and consequently my work contains many different styles and techniques.

Since retiring, three years ago, I have been able to concentrate on developing my own work. I built a studio in my garden at home and have been experimenting with a wide range of clays and construction techniques. Porcelain slab pots are my latest obsession!

I create them using a lightly grogged porcelain clay, managing the drying process very carefully over several days. They are decorated with a black slip on the outside and a shiny white stoneware glaze inside. Sometimes I overlay them with fine thin dancing stripes to counterbalance the strong geometric lines. I want them to engage the viewer.”

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