Elaine Wells May 12 2021

Members only online talk

Elaine says: ‘An out of character decision to apply for series 2 of The Great Pottery Throwdown resulted in a place on the show and subsequently an internship with Kate Malone. This in turn helped with and inspired my application to the newly formed Clay College in Stoke on Trent. which was to teach the core, fundamental skills necessary to become a studio potter.

Clay College provided a wealth of experience in production throwing, developing glazes, building kilns and experimenting with a variety of firing techniques. More importantly it gave me the space to explore the possibilities of clay. The knowledge and teaching provided by more than 20 of the most successful Studio Potters who make their living through ceramics along with the expertise of Course Director, Kevin Millward, has evoked the essential skills for years of further development.

I graduated in 2019 and continued at Clay College to assist with the new intake of students. My current focus has been to utilise simplistic contemporary forms, exploring the interaction between inclusions and mark making with simple ash and white glazes. In combination these draw out the nature of the body in both reduction and oxidation firings. The aim is for my work to be appealing, while remaining functional. This is an ongoing exploration of possibilities and I look forward to sharing many of the skills I learnt at Clay College.’

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